Indulge Yourself with Lavish Cuisine

Lavish offers chef-prepared, finish-at-home gourmet meals that make at-home dining luxurious, fun and easy. Lavish delivers delicious, high-quality meals that are fun and easy to complete, plate and serve at home in less than 20 minutes. Make your next meal more than extraordinary. Make it Lavish.

How It Works

Your Lavish finish-at-home meal kit will arrive cooked, chopped and prepped so all you have to do is heat, sauté, boil or toss your meal components together then plate, serve and savour. All ready in less than 20 minutes.


Pick your menu items and order for pick up or delivery.


 Receive your gourmet meal kit, in under an hour.


 Discover the components of   your meal. Review the assembly instructions and serving suggestions.


  Simply heat, sauté, toss, boil – whatever is needed to serve your meal fresh.


Plate it up and share your Lavish life on social media.

How To Order

For delivery click your preferred delivery provider below and start your order.

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The Lavish kitchen is located at 195 Harbord Street in Toronto, near Bathurst and Bloor

Rave Reviews

“I decided to treat myself during lockdown. Lavish sent gorgeous restaurant quality food that was easy to finish at home.”


“I’m passionate about good food. Lavish’s meals are so delicious and it’s so easy.”


“My friends and I were all impressed that the prep and cook time was under 20 minutes.”


“I can’t wait to order again and show off. The food was amazing and it was super easy to follow the instructions.”


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