Charcuterie and Cheese

Serves 2. Easy Prep. Ready in 5 minutes.
Artisanal cheeses and charcuterie with preserves and crostini.


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Delight in this luxurious selection of cheeses and charcuterie served with artisanal preserves, fresh honeycomb, Dijon mustard, truffled Marcona almonds and crostini.

Saucisson from France, Culatello di Zibello from Italy, Prima Donna from the Netherlands, Truffled Manchego from Spain, Balsamic Bella Vitano from USA, preserves, jam, honeycomb, mustard, almonds, crostini (selections rotate based on availability).


Cheeses, meats, preserves, jams, honeycomb, Dijon mustard, almonds, crostini (contains gluten).

Assembly Instructions

    Place little bowls of preserves, jam, honeycomb, mustard, almonds and crostini randomly or around the edges. Then fill in the gaps with your cheeses and meats. Be creative and have fun!

Serving Suggestions

Use your most fabulous platter or board to impress your guests.