Support Local

Our Local Lavish Partners

As a small chef-run business, Lavish believes in supporting local food and drink producers. We are happy to nurture other small businesses, who employ local workers, feed the neighbourhood and make a difference in their community.

Yorkshire Valley Farms

Free-range certified organic chicken, turkey and eggs. Raised without antibiotics. Non-GMO feed, grown without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. Superior tasting food, from our flock to yours.

Cocktail Emporium

Cocktail Emporium will elevate your at-home cocktail experience to new heights. With new products arriving weekly, Cocktail Emporium is your go-to source for the newest, hottest arrivals to create truly memorable cocktails.

The Spice Trader

The Spice Trader sources the best herbs and spices with intense flavour that make a tremendous difference when cooking. Their spices offer up complex taste profiles and character unmatched by regular supermarket or bulk spices.

Cheese Boutique

Supplying Toronto with epicurean wonders since 1970. There are over 15,000 products to shop from spices to chocolates to fresh produce and fine kitchen cookware. At Cheese Boutique the epicurean wonders never cease.

Forno Cultura

Delivering the true taste of Italy using only the finest of natural ingredients and organic flours. Their biscotti and amaretti reflect the private and handwritten collections of three generations of bakers.  A must visit bakery in Toronto.